Expressive styling and sleek proportions come together in Sonata's upscale bodywork for an unmistakably yet sporty appearance.



A perfect harmony of dynamic design innovation and simplicity.




Refined sportiness with innovative design

Good design is all about moderation and concentration. The Sonata's beauty is the confident, quiet kind. No need to show off.

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    LED Headlamps

    High-efficient LED headlamps light up the road and road signs while minimising energy consumption.

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    Cascading Radiator Grille

    The designed signature cascading grille exudes Sonata's expressive and sleek look.

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    LED Daytime Running Lights

    Stylishly designed LED daytime running lights hive a high-tech and futuristic form.

Refined sportiness with innovative design

Good design is all about moderation and concentration. The Sonata's beauty is the confident, quiet kind. No need to show off.


Visual perfection

The Sonata has been taken to the next level. From the sweep of its roof, to its stable proportions, it is an object of perfect symmetry.
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    LED Rear Combination Lamps

    LED technology ensures that rear lamps deliver a highly visible red light pattern.

Chrome Door Handles

Chrome-coated outside handles add to the

luxury of the Sonata's profile and give you an

easy grip.

Dual Muffler

Dual mufflers add a real touch of sporting spirit to the Sonata.

Outside Mirror Repeaters

Side repeater lamps on mirrors not only improve visibility and promote safer driving, they lend a modern edginess to the vehicle's side.

High-mounted Stop Lamps

The HMSL is located in the eye line of the driver behind you.



Intuituitive, convenient and luxurious

Comfort-oriented details of the refined interior add a premium touch to Sonata's distinctive design idiom.
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    Multi-function Steering Wheel

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    LCD Supervision Cluster

    4.2” color LCD supervision cluster displays driving information brightly and easy-to-read by using both analogue and digital read-outs.

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    Dual Full Automatic Air Conditioning

    This lets the driver and front-seat passenger set their own individual climate control settings.

Integrated Memory System (IMS) Driver Seat

IMS lets you store up to two drivers’ preferred seating positions.

60:40 Folding Seats

Arrange the backseat and trunk area the way you want. The rear seats can be folded down in a 6:4 configuration.

Rear Air Ventilation

With rear air ventilation, your backseat

passengers can stay cool or warm as they want.

Door Scuffs

A feature common in luxury cars, door scuffs

protect the Sonata's sills from scratches and

shoe marks. Get in and out without being too




Heightened driving sensitivity and stability

An advanced powertrain delivers exhilarating performance.

2.0 GLS

Petrol Engine
Max Power
152 ps
Max Torque
19.6 kg.m

6- Speed Automatic Transmission


Drive Mode Control System

Press the button on the center console to choose from 3 driving modes-normal, sports and eco-depending on your mood and the driving conditions.



More safety equipment

Roads may change, but your vehicle should be stable in any situation. Our focus isn't speed or showiness, but safety and stability.

Front Side Airbags

Improved deployment of side airbags helps

protect the chest and pelvis more effectively.

Front and Rear Curtain Airbags

Improves protection of occupants' heads in

case of side collision.

Driver and Passenger Airbags

Driver and passenger seats are equipped with

airbags designed to reduce head and

neck injuries in the event of a head-on collision.

Electronic Stability Control

Sensing steering wheel movements in relation to wheel rotation, ESC takes care of the engine, braking system and steering during sudden braking and turning to keep you from skidding.