Ioniq Electric

The Ioniq Electric boasts its smart aerodynamics and sets the new standard in electric drive technology.



Delivers zero emissions with pure dynamics and clean mobility.




Wind-cheating aerodynamics

Ioniq electric provides a perfect balance of pure design and unprecedented aerodynamic performance.


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    LED headlamps

    A win-win situation: LED headlamps improve nighttime vision with higher light output while requiring less energy than conventional lamps.

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    LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

    The dynamic curve of the daytime running lights defines the subtle intakes that feed the active airflow and reduces the turbulence around the front wheels.

Wind-cheating aerodynamics

Ioniq electric provides a perfect balance of pure design and unprecedented aerodynamic performance.



Wind-cheating aerodynamics

Ioniq electric provides a perfect balance of pure design and unprecedented aerodynamic performance.


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    Rear Combination Lamps

    Unique to IoniqONIQ electric, LED rear lamps are designed to provide brighter illumination while consuming less energy.

Chrome Outside Door Handles

Distinctive chrome exterior door handles add a luxurious look.


Charge Port

Equipped with two charge ports.

Power Sunroof

Whenever the sun or the stars shine, the optional sunroof with a safety sensor lets you enjoy the outside with a fresh breeze for your driving pleasure.

Puddle Lamps



Charged with purity and simplicity

The generous interior of Ioniq electric is exquisitely crafted with distinct design purity.


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    Triple Mode Virtual Cluster

    The digital instrument cluster indicates the drive mode and clearly monitors the energy flow.

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    D-Cut Steering Wheel

    The sporty D-cut multi-function steering wheel is equipped with paddles that control the variable regenerative braking.

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    Always in Touch

    Make your journey efficient with easy access to Ioniq connectivity via the color touch screen.

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    Automatic Air Conditioning

    Your desired temperature is maintained while cruising.

Wireless Mobile Phone Charging System

Simply place the compatible smart phone

model on the induction charging surface to

recharge without wires.

Rear Air Ventilation

Passengers can experience enhanced comfort with the rear seat air ventilation for cooling and heating.

Seat Folding System

The rear seats are foldable in a 60:40 ratio for additional cargo space.

Engine Start and Stop Button

A press of the engine start or stop button is all that is required to get you going.

Integreated Driver Memory Seat

Smart and convenient, the IMS function

memorises up to two of the driver's preferred

seat options that you can preset along with

the angle of the exterior mirrors.

Heated and Ventilated Seat

The heated and ventilated seat enhance the driver's comfort.



Connecting power with e-motion

The electric powertrain has been engineered with carefully matched components to provide excellent driving characteristics and a practical everyday driving range.


High-voltage battery system

Mounted underneath the vehicle, Ioniq Electric's 28kWh high-capacity Lithium-ion polymer battery delivers more power with improved driving range while maximising the total interior space.

Max Power
120 ps
Max Torque
295 Nm

Fingertip Controls

Conveniently located with the centre control console are controls for forward, neutral and reverse. Eco, Normal, Sport drive modes; and operation of the electric parking brake.




More safety equipment, for superior safety

Ioniq electric is powerfully stable, no matter what road you travel.

Advanced High-strength Steels

By increasing the use of advanced high-strength steels to 51% of the body and by hot stamping the passenger compartment, Ioniq electric offers greater sturdiness and reassures safety in real life situations.

Safety Window Control System

For extra safety, sensors automatically lower

the windows by 150 mm upon detecting any

obstructions in the frame.


In addition to the elevated load path and straightened body connections, it also features a 6-airbag system that provides the front, front side-impact and curtain airbags to ensure maximum safety protection in the event of a collision.

Electric Parking Brake (EPB)

With a simple operation of a switch to turn the parking brake on and off, EPB always ensures you a smooth, safe and effortless driving experience.