Creta - Hyundai Mauritius



A stylish exterior design lets the inner beauty shine through. Experience a new driving sensation.



The redesigned grille and bumper express its powerful character while the interior is warm, welcoming and emotionally reassuring.

Perfectly Sized



Created to rule the road

Creta stands out with its updated, fresher look that will draw admiring glances everywhere it goes.

<h3><strong>Created to rule the road</strong></h3>

<p>Creta stands out with its updated, fresher look that will draw admiring glances everywhere it goes.</p>
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    Projector Headlamps

    Bi-functional projector headlamps. They don't only look nice but also deliver more lumens to where they are needed the most by tighly focusing the light beam.

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    Radiator Grille

    The radiator grille makes a statement that is bold, forthright and uniquely Hyundai. It adds a touch of glamour while blending with the bodywork.

Created to rule the road

It's all in the lines. The strong, main character line is made complete with a graceful and sophisticated side character line.

<h3><strong>Created to rule the road</strong></h3>

<p>It's all in the lines. The strong, main character line is made complete with a graceful and sophisticated side character line.</p>

Created to rule the road

"High-tech" and "progressive" best describe the rear design, which includes split-type tail lamps full of character and a sporty bumper.

<h3><strong>Created to rule the road</strong></h3>

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    Bold Rear Skid Plates

    Sporty and silver colored skid plates add a sense of ruggedness and sporty character to the rear design.

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    Sleek and Premium Split-type Tail Lamps

    Split-type rear combination lamps create a simple yet modern rear image. Excellent visibility from that angle reduces the possibility of a rear-end collision.

Front Skid Plate

Designed to maximise visual impact but it is

also highly functional in providing a protective



Fog Lamps

Low-mounted fog lamps use incandescent

bulbs while DRLs are LED-type and are

automatically activated when the

ignition switch is turned on.


Dual Tone

Dual tone comes with black roof and sporty black spoiler to match your style statement.



Stylish comfort

The interior embraces with stylish comfort for a delightful emotional experience. All controls are laid out for peak efficiency.

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    Full Automatic Temperature Control with Cluster Ionizer

    The full automatic air conditioning system with cluster ionizer helps to automatically maintain the desired cabin temperature and comes with mood change bar.

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    Steering Wheel  

    The steering column features telescopic and tilt adjustment providing you with the most comfortable driving position. Audio remote control on steering wheel. 

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    Supervision Cluster

    The cluster displays comprehensive vehicle information about steering position reminder, parking sensor display, control lights and more.

Push Start Button

Keyless starting is part of the smart key option.

The push start button brings added

convenience with engine start and stop.

Driver Seat Height Adjust

Driver seat height adjust function provides

flexibility to adjust the seat height to suit the


Rear Parcel Tray

The rear parcel tray is wide and useful for

keeping items and neatly covers luggage area.



Responsive and efficient

Smooth and comfortable, providing exhilaration at every curve, every mile. The power-packed engines offer true driving pleasure whenever and wherever. Creta takes you away and beyond.

1.4 GL Manual

Diesel Engine

Employing a waste gate-type turbocharger, the 1.4 engine offers the advantage of better overall economy but at the price of reduced power output.

Max Power
90 ps
Max Torque
22.4 kg.m

1.6 GL & GLS (Manual and Automatic)

Petrol Engine

The principle difference in this higher output version is the specification of VGT which employs variable geometry blades to maximise the delivery of turbocharged air into the combustion chamber. It shares common rail injection technology and a cast iron engine block with its smaller sibling.

Max Power
122.6 ps
Max Torque
15.4 kg.m

1.6 GLS Automatic

Diesel Engine
Max Power
128 ps
Max Torque
26.5 kg.m

6-Speed Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission provides

high-precision responses, silky-smooth shifts

and outstanding durability.

6-Speed Manual Transmission

The manual transmission is for those who enjoy

stick-shifts, keeping you in control.



More safety equipment because you deserve superior safety

Roads may change, but your vehicle should be stable in any situation.
Our focus isn't only speed or showiness, but also safety and stability.

Rear Parking Assist System

Rear parking assist system with rear view

camera display on AVN and steering adaptive

guidelines to help park in tight conditions.

Height Adjustable Seat Belt Anchor

The height adjustable function of seat belt

ensures enhanced safety and accommodate

drivers of different size.

Power Window Anti-pinch

Offering enhanced safety, the windows

automatically rolls down when an obstacle is



Equipped with up to six airbags.